Colorado Springs mortgages, find a mortgage broker you can trust!

Easy to Find…Hard to Find Someone to Trust

Colorado Springs mortgages are usually thrust upon you during every day life. You hear ads on the radio. You get emails. You get internet ads. You see ads in the newspapers. Colorado Springs mortgages are so easy to come by that it is sometimes you can forget to do your homework and get a mortgage that actually meets your needs.

This is especially true if you are having any kind of financial difficulties. If you have challenged credit, you can easily get drawn in by promises of financial security by refinancing your home. Unfortunately, many disreputable mortgage brokers represent Colorado Springs mortgages that will ultimately leave you in a worse position than you started with. Suddenly, you lose everything.

As a real estate appraiser, I constantly (over 90% of the time, no exaggeration) receive requests from mortgage brokers to appraise homes for more than they are worth in order to get a loan to close. Unfortunately, that means that the homeowner get stuck with the inflated home value which is particularly dangerous in the current market.

Even if you are not refinancing and are buying a home, you can get into trouble getting Colorado Springs mortgages if you are not careful. You can get stuck paying points, hidden fees, or prepayment penalties.

Picking a good mortgage broker can be a daunting task. You really need to be careful how you proceed. I’ve found an excellent article entitled “Getting a Good Mortgage Broker” you should take a moment to read. This article outlines some very good points about mortgage brokers that you should consider.

The best way to find a really good mortgage broker is to ask someone who is a Realtor in Colorado Springs and an appraiser. I will find out what you are really looking for, what you need and help get you in front of the right person. Contact me and I will call you back to help you through the process.

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