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You Can Trust

Simply finding Colorado Springs realtors is not enough.

You could throw the proverbial rock and hit a real estate agent in Colorado Springs. If you are buying or selling a house, you want representation that goes beyond what that average company provides. You need to find a real estate agent that you can trust.

Why Use a Realtor at All?

If you need to buy a house, I can help you find a great Realtor.

I have worked with a ton of Realtors in the Springs over the years.


Contact me and I will help you with no pressure at all. I don’t sell houses. I just give provide great information. But I do know a Realtor you can trust. Curious? Click here and let me help.

You might ask yourself, “Why can’t I buy a house from a private seller?” or “Why can’t I sell my house for sale by owner (FSBO)?”

Short answer is that you might be able to. I have a page on my MLS search site that is specifically for FSBO listings. I often contact people to provide them information about how to best stage their house and market for a FSBO sale.

Before I was ever a real estate agent, I bought and sold homes with no agent representation.

However, it is a legal transaction and you want to make sure that all your i’s are dotted and all your t’s are crossed. The contracts are complicated and there can be serious ramifications if something goes wrong.

The reality is that most buyers and sellers need a Realtor in Colorado Springs.

Most People Should Use an Agent.


If you are buying a house,there is absolutely no reason not to get a buyer’s real estate agent. First, a buyer’s agent is paid by the seller. So there is no cost to you.; Second, a buyer’s agent will help you negotiate the price and terms of your real estate offer. Third, they will help you execute a legal contract and walk you through the closing process.


Most people who are selling a home consider doing so without a realtor. Realistically, no seller wants to pay 3% to 6% to sell their home.

If you know how to effectively market a home, you could try to sell it yourself for a month. If it sells, great. Otherwise, you are going to need a real estate agent.

Colorado Springs realtors can help you get listed on the MLS. The Multiple Listing Service will expose your home to all the real estate agents in Colorado Springs.

It is better than any exposure you could get by yourself. The agent will also use other marketing tools to get your home in the public eye. Selling a home is all about exposure and a good agent can help you get maximum exposure.

They will help you negotiate the complicated sales process from receiving an offer, countering the offer, and closing the sale. They could save you thousands of dollars of mistakes. They will help you price your home for optimum exposure on the market.

If you are looking for a realtor, I will be happy to help you out. I’ll help you find a realtor that is a perfect fit for your needs. Talk to me before you talk to a real estate agent. You can reach me via the contact form.

In the Military? We’ve Found the Right Agent.

Service men and women represent a big part an Colorado Springs realtors business. They know that it is important to get you to the right house and to do it quickly.

We really want to help you with your transition to Colorado Springs. If you have questions about neighborhoods, rentals, schools or a home purchase, use the contact us form so we can help you get settled.

Need more information about relocating to Colorado Springs? Colorado Springs realtors can help you find the information you are looking for. Contact us and we will help you find any information you can’t find on this site.

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