Colorado Springs Vacations Offer

Retreat or Adventure through Outdoor fun!

Helen Hunt FallsColorado Springs vacations offer a great retreat from your everyday life.

My wife and I have many things in common. We both love books. We both love watching a good movie, eating at a top notch restaurant, or enjoying an excellent play. We both also enjoy the outdoors.

However, when we go on vacation, we are usually looking for slightly different things. I love adventure. I love to do active, outdoor activities when I go on vacation. I like to take long hikes, discover areas that are hard to get to, and see the back country.

My wife, on the other hand, prefers to relax. She wants to get pampered. She likes to take leisurely strolls through beautiful outdoor scenes. She loves the city, I want the back country.
Here is the great thing about Colorado Springs vacations. You can find both activities (adventure or relaxation) in this city.

You can find awesome outdoor activities while you also relish beautiful relaxing days.

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Relax and Enjoy Colorado Springs

Are you looking for relaxation from you Colorado Springs vacation?

Colorado Springs vacations start with where you are staying. If you want to relax, choose a nice hotel or a bed and breakfast. My wife and I can NEVER relax in a motel 6 or cruddy little hotel on the side of the road.

Historically, the classiest place to stay is The Broadmoor resort. This resort has been in existence in Colorado Springs for about 90 years. The Broadmoor opened on June 29, 1918. It is beautiful and elegant. By all accounts the service is extraordinary. Here is what a recent traveler posted on TripAdvisor:.

…let me move on to the best feature – the service. Everyone is upbeat and friendly and do their jobs very well and professionally…Incredible!

The Broadmoor was also recently named one of the best family-friendly hotels in the country by Forbes magazine. There are kid oriented activities during the summer and all year long by special request (2 weeks notice).

However, there is a downside to The Broadmoor resort. Simply, it is quite expensive. The average stay is over $300 per night. So you pay for the service and luxury you get. If you can afford it, The Broadmoor resort is incredible. However, if you are looking for something with a more moderate price range, you should consider other possibilities.

There are of course many other hotels and resorts in Colorado Springs. Two to consider are The Cheyenne Mountain Resort (a resort with a more reasonable cost) and the Hampton Inn. According to TripAdvisor traveler reviews, this is the best hotel to stay at in Colorado Springs.

Maybe try a bed and breakfast.

If my wife and I really want to relax, we stay at a bed a breakfast. The cost is usually no greater than a hotel, but the environment is far better. And you get more than a continental breakfast. The costs are usually quite reasonable (less than $200 for a room).

One bed and breakfast to consider when looking at Colorado Springs vacations is the Cheyenne Canyon Inn.

The Cheyenne Canon Inn is the most charming place I’ve ever stayed in all my travels…The food was delicious and there was plenty to choose from…I would definitely stay here again on my next visit to Colorado, and I will also make sure to request the Safari room which has a gorgeous and warming fireplace and beautiful African art displayed all over the entire room.

The in is located in Cheyenne Canyon, you are also located near the famous Seven Falls area.

Other Relaxing Activities to Consider

Take a trip to the Zoo. The Colorado Springs Zoo is built into the side of Cheyenne Mountain.

Take a stroll around Garden of the Gods.

Drive up Pikes Peak.

Take the Cog Railway up Pikes Peak.

Take a tour of the Olympic Training Center.

Active Colorado Springs Vacations

The first activity that comes to mind if you are talking about an active vacation in Colorado Springs is a HIKE up Pikes Peak. (Not a drive, and not a trip up the Cog Railway.) There are two primary hiking routes up Pikes Peak.

First is the Barr Trail.

Second, you can take the route up from the Crags in Divide, Colorado. I hiked up there last year and recorded my journey. It is truly an exhilarating feeling to get to the top on your own two feet.

You can also hike the many hiking trails in the Colorado Springs area.

You can rock climb in Garden of the Gods or Red Rocks Canyon.

Or you can bike your way through the Springs.

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If you like gorgeous mountains, beautiful scenery, and a truly restful environment, visit Colorado Springs.

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