Visit North Cheyenne Canon Park in Colorado Springs

History, Beauty, Hiking, and Biking

And Waterfalls Too!

Helen Hunt Falls, North Cheyenne Canon

I love the North Cheyenne Canon park. It is really beautiful it’s a great place to hike and bike. Here is the city description of this beautiful park.

North Cheyenne Cañon North Cheyenne Cañon Park, known for its towering evergreens and wildflowers, stunning rock formations, hiking paths and waterfalls, was a popular camping ground for American Indians, particularly the Ute tribes. Purchased in 1885, General Palmer and Fred Chamberlain enhanced the park with more donations of land. The High Drive and Crystal Park Trail traverse the steep sides of the mountains. The Bruin Inn provided visitors a spot to buy refreshments near Helen Hunt Falls. Eventually, the Columbine Trail was built from the mouth of the Cañon three miles up to Helen Hunt Falls. Between 1914 and the 20s, massive stone bridges, walls and arches were constructed throughout the valley. North Cheyenne Cañon Park is now 1,626 acres, including the Stratton Open Space. Helen Hunt Falls and Starsmore Discovery Center are popular visitor centers in the park which feature nature exhibits, a climbing wall and educational programs.

If you want to visit the past, then take a walking tour up Gold Camp Road from within the park. You can no longer drive up Gold Camp Road so it is a great place to hike, ride horses, or bike. Here is a map of the area provided by the city of Colorado Springs.

Another great destination is Helen Hunt Falls.

Helen Hunt Jackson was a successful writer who moved to Colorado Springs in 1873 to restore her health with “the curative air of the Rockies.” The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame describes Helen Hunt Jackson as “the most brilliant, impetuous and thoroughly individual woman in her time. She rose above personal tragedy and became on of the most successful writers of her day. She included as her friends, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Through her dedication to Indian reform during the last five years of her life, she wrote herself into American history.”

As you can see from the pictures below, the falls are easy to reach from the road. The hike is quite short and easily accessible. It is a great place to take kids on a hot day.

Sign for Helen Hunt falls in Colorado Springs

Helen Hunt Falls, Colorado Springs, CO

Helen Hunt Falls, Colorado Springs CO (looking down)

After hiking to the top of the of the falls, you can continue up the trail to the Silver Cascade Falls.

Silver Cascade Falls, Colorado Springs CO

To get to North Cheyenne Canon park from the downtown area, go south on Nevada Avenue to Cheyenne Blvd. Turn right (west) and follow it until it turns into North Cheyenne Canon Rd at the Starsmore Discovery Center.

Click Here for a Map to Helen Hunt Falls!

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