Seven Bridges Trail in North Cheyenne Canon

Seven Bridges Equals Seven Chances for Wonder

The Seven Bridges Trail in North Cheyenne Canon is worth a morning or afternoon excursion. It crosses North Cheyenne Creek seven times over seven bridges (which of course is the reason for the name).

What is fun about the Seven Bridges Trail is that just most family members of any age can hike it.

The vertical gain is about 1600 feet over about 2.7 miles. (The total round trip is about 4.75 miles). The trail is not nearly as aggressive as St. Mary’s Falls or the Manitou Incline.

Start at the Gold Camp Road parking area and hike along Gold Camp Road to the sign marking North Cheyenne Creek. The trail heads off to the right (west). There is a large tree that is next to the trail head. The bridges are well kept and the trail is easy to follow and well maintained.

The hike takes about 2-3 hours to hike (round trip). The trail is heavily treed, so grab a jacket if the weather is at all cold. It will be colder under the trees.

When you cross the seventh bridge the trail starts to get a little rougher but you get some nice mini waterfalls and rushing water. This is a beautiful hike for the whole family.

Map to Trailhead

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