St Mary’s Falls near Colorado Springs, Colorodo

St. Mary’s Trail near Colorado Springs, Colorado

St. Mary’s falls is a wonderful day hike in North Cheyenne Canon near Colorado Springs Colorado.

The hike starts at the Gold Camp Road/Seven Bridges Trailhed.

You hike about 1.2 miles (past collapsed and closed tunnel #3) to the St. Mary’s Falls trail head. Then hike about 1.6 miles to the falls. You’ll be hiking along a stream for a good part of the way, then you’ll go up the hill a bit. Eventually, you will see signs for the base of St. Mary’s Falls.

There are also numerous falls of 3 feet or more along the creek so don’t forget to stop and enjoy your surroundings.

Click here for a trail guide.

Map to St. Mary’s Falls

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Pictures of the Hike

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Video of North Cheyenne Canon and St. Mary’s Falls

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