Reviews of Great Colorado Springs Hiking Trails

Colorado Springs Hiking Trails are Fun

One of the things that I love most about Colorado Springs is the ability to hike regularly. There are so many different options.

You can hike in many of the large regional parks, like Palmer Park, North Cheyenne Canon, Bear Creek Park and Monument Valley Park.

Biking trails and hiking trails often go hand in hand, so you can also check out Colorado Springs bike trails for additional hiking options.

Always make sure that you have plenty of water and additional layers of clothing in case it (as often happens in summer) starts to rain and the temperature drops. Make sure you wear sunscreen since the Colorado sun is so strong. You can get burnt on a cloudy day.

Some of My Favorite Hikes

Pikes Peak/Barr Trail. I have climbed Pikes Peak three times. From the west, from the east (Barr) Trail and from the north. The classic route to the summit is up the Barr Trail.

Gold Camp Road. Gold Camp Road is a major access point for biking and hiking up North Cheyenne Canon.

Seven Bridges. Seven Bridges Trail is accessed from North Cheyenne Canon and Gold Camp Road. If you like hiking along and over a stream, this a great hike, crossing the creek seven times.

St. Mary’s Falls. Like Seven Bridges, St. Mary’s Falls is accessed from Gold Camp Road. It is a fun hike along a stream to St. Mary’s Falls.

Manitou Springs Incline. Thousands of people every year exercise and hike the Manitou Springs incline — a 2500 foot in 1 linear mile killer hike.

Eagle Peak. Eagle Peak is a great alternative to the Manitou Incline and you will see a lot less people. It is accessed through the Air Force Academy so you will need id and access will be limited at times. Park at the visitor center to start the hike.

Palmer Park. Palmer Park is one of the best places to hike, bike, picnic and play in Colorado Springs.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Red Rock Canyon Open Space off Hwy 24 on the westside of Colorado Springs is a great place for hiking, biking and rock climbing. It’s great for family hikes and biking of all sorts.

Garden of the Gods. Garden of the Gods has hiking for any level. Mostly paved, you can take easy strolls through the area and see these grand rock formations.

Pulpit Rock Open Space. Pulpit Rock Open Space is a great place to escape on any day. There is a pretty easy trail up to the top of Pulpit Rock and the view of the Front Range is worth the trip.

Paint Mines Park. Hiking in Paint Mines Park takes a while since it is way east of Colorado Springs. But it is a fun place to hang out for a few hours.