Relocation to Colorado Springs

Relocation to Colorado Springs is a Golden Opportunity!

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There are three potential reasons you are moving to Colorado Springs.

  • It has been your life long hearts desire to live an outdoor lifestyle.
  • You are coming here because of your job.
  • The military has forced you to pick up and move one more time.

General Palmer

Whatever the reason, you are a lucky person to come to this great city. Colorado Springs has great parks, great schools, and is a military town from the top (Air Force Academy) to the bottom (Fort Carson).

After the Cripple Creek gold rush, Spencer Penrose looked at Colorado Springs and decided that Colorado Springs, “might not possess beaches and antiquity but it had its own unique resort qualities-the dazzling clarity of light, the stimulating dryness, the superb climate, the tonic air, and the great sheltering mountain with its variety of birds, flowers, and animals.”

This is a beautiful place to live.  We know that you are a lucky person and a lucky family. We also know how hard it is to relocate to a new town. It is hard to figure your way about. So we created this website to help you with your transition.

Moving to a new city is a real challenge. To help you with the transition, please use visit some of the pages below to help you.

Resources to help you with your relocation to Colorado Springs

We have a special page that is dedicated to helping parents prepare children for relocation.  If you have a family, visit our family relocation to Colorado Springs pages by clicking here.

Are Looking for more information about what it is really like to relocate to Colorado Springs?

We will help you get the detailed Information you need to help with the transition!

We want to help!

We would love to help you with your move.  Teresa (my lovely wife) believes that one of the hardest things for any family that is relocating to Colorado Springs, is to figure out, “what will your new normal life look like?”

  • Will your son be able to ride his bike to school?
  • Where can you get good take out in your new neighborhood?
  • What places of worship are located near your potential new home?
  • Do you want pictures of the schools in your neighborhood beyond what you can get from the school website?
  • Are the curbs crumbling in your chosen neighborhood?
  • What are the quality of houses in the neighborhood?
  • What are the parks in your neighborhood?

These are all questions that need to be answered in order to really get to know an area.

Get Help with Your Real Estate Questions

Need help deciding between two neighborhoods?

Or have you picked a house and want more information about it than you can find on your own?

That is what I do. I help people with their real estate needs. Contact me so I can help you find the perfect place to live.

Here is an example. When we moved to Colorado Springs from Divide, our family had two school age children and one preschool child.  We could research and find out information about the schools that were available to our second grader and kindergarten child, but what about our preschool daughter?  The best way to find out that information is on the ground from other parents.

That is very difficult if you don’t already know Colorado Springs. We are happy to help. Just contact us and we will answer any questions we can.